Have we reached a turning point in spiritual understanding?

In Matthew DeBow’s book the Soul Code, he explores transformative and near death experiences. By uncovering patterns about the soul and its path from heaven to earth and back, he believes it enlightens us to a better understanding about ourselves and humanity as a whole. It is clear these spiritual experiences show a mechanistic action of how souls exist as living beings. His research is based on human experience, not; speculation, philosophy, theology, mediums, channels… These transformative experiences happen to people who least expect it and in most cases optimizing their worldview. Could these experiences have been the divine intervention that inspired the world’s spiritual leaders? These events bring forth important truths crossing ideological boundaries, religious beliefs, and social differences. Often these instances have a lasting positive effect and in some cases result in enhanced human potential.

your soul is part of infinity

This book shows the commonality between many types of spiritual experiences. It gives a quantitative perspective on what souls defining intentions are in a cohesive and logical way. DeBow’s goal in the book is to show a practical metaphysical model, that can be applied to enhance human potential.

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