Matthew DeBow is an author, inventor and entrepreneur. DeBow has written about subjects ranging from advanced technology, spirituality and the paranormal.


In his book the Soul Code he explores the Near Death Experience. He discusses a clear correlation between NDE and other spiritually transformative events. There is an underlying commonality relating to transformative spiritual occurrence, thus exposing a higher dimensional aspect of existence.  


Transformative experiences happen to people who least expect it and in most cases it changes their worldview. In DeBow’s book the Soul Code he explores the Near Death Experience and related occurrences. He uncovers a clear correlation between NDE and other transformative spiritual events. There is a universal commonality to transformative experiences, it’s as if we are simultaneously co-existing concurrently within a spiritual energy field, the underlying force of all things. He believes we are connected to a higher dimensional aspect of reality at every moment. 


In the book he connects a thread through NDE other spiritual experiences. When an atheist is revived from the dead, upon remembering, they become believers of soul transmigration, confident we are all part of an eternal source. These transformative spiritual events bring forth important truths crossing ideological boundaries, religious beliefs, and social differences. These incidents induce enhanced human potential, leaving a memorable impact on one’s life. Bringing dimensionality into the equation establishes a foundation to prove that soul exists just on another plane of existence. He asks, “have we reached a turning point in spiritual understanding, might these experiences help catalyze the next step in human evolution?”


Any objective observer can see this obvious thread. In recognizing this he felt it was important to evaluate and see how deeply this threat was woven in. What he uncovered is a universal commonality within transformative experiences, a picture all humanity can relate to, no matter if a person is an atheist, agnostics or religious. It is clear to DeBow that this underlying field is a dimensional aspect of who we are, no matter our personal belief. It is as if we are simultaneously co-existing concurrently within this spiritual field. The only way to describe this field is; infinite love energy, the underlying force of all things.


These experiences are happening to people who least expect it, and in most cases the experience changes their worldview. Soul Code compares a wide range of research, studies and personal reports. DeBow believes this undeniable thread that connects these experiences together clearly show us who we really are.


Sphere of light surrounds you brighter than the sun itself, pure light energy. Starting as a pinpoint of light at  conception, from deep with solar plexus of pure light energy, coming outward as a sphere to the present.


Surrounded, a glistening ball of pure light energy, coated as a smooth mirror ball reflecting and dissipating all and any unwanted energies, tip of the spear, continuously moving briskly into the future.


Glistening mirror coated sphere of light, surrounded in protective armor, made of the strongest metal in the universe coating it. Acting a magnet and antennae using unseen energy to beacon and attract success and positive experience, forever.

I believe there is a higher dimensional aspect of the human bioenergetic form. This Soul energy emits, has, creates  geometrically shaped fields. The sphere and the vortex are a common constant in physics and the universe. From the spherical planets to the smallest particles, to massive swirling cosmic bodies in the cosmos. When male and female unite as one, the energetic field swirls around each as a double helix creating a higher dimensional charge together, releasing a signal that is a resonant call to soul, to initiate the manifestation of life. The art love making uniting a dimensional biofield concededly creates the shape of the heart. Is it an accident, or at a subconsciousness level does humanity know the heart symbolized a higher dimensional picture our field during sex is the, the heart! Graphic images: Matt DeBow – this art is available on t-shirts, caps… at Iconic-Shirts.com