Chapter 1: Soul 

          What Is a Soul? 



          The NDE as a Catalyst of Human Evolution





Chapter 2: Life-After-Life

Experiencing Death

NDE Environment

    -Angelic Beings

    -Life Review

    -Heavenly Judgment? 

The Ultimate Dead Guy

Heavenly Boy 

Children of the NDE

Historical NDE

Celebrity NDE

Dimensional Aspects





          Chapter 3: Profound Journeys

          NDE and Shared Death Experience

          Blind Sight

          Beyond the Threshold

          Ignorance of Medical Denial

          Alexander Effect

          Spontaneous Healing








Chapter 4: Connections to Consciousness

Pre-Conception Memories

Pre-Incarnation Communication

Baby Soul Whisperer











      Chapter 5: Trans-Dimensional Therapy

          Soul Therapy


          Life Between Lifetimes

          Induced After-Death Communication










The Thread

Soul Evolution  







Quenching Spiritual Thirst

I began this research thinking that what people claiming to have Angelic encounters, were ghostly type interventions or related phenomena. But after my deep dive into serious metaphysical research, I now personal believe in Angels exist. These Angelic beings resonate at the human DNA vibration. These beings are interdimensional light/love manifesters, that will on occasion intervein into humanly affairs. It’s a nudge from the higher realms to inadvertently more situation towards an outcome, predominantly positive in nature. Miracles do happen.

Our conscious soul has existed and will continue to exist within this infinite dimension. We exist within the never-ending, we are part of the never-ending forever, infinity. Don’t overthink that infinity is unperceivable, just understand that we are living with in it, we are part of it. No matter how much you don’t understand infinity, there is no denying that we are all a part of it. Eternity might seem like a deep concept, but all the evidence point to this. As the universe goes out, subatomic particles can be infinitely divided. Infinity goes inward, as vastly as it goes outward.

Forever is a higher dimensional concept, outside of our 4th dimension of time. There are millions of people that have had NDE, many report being clear and conscious to everything happening around them while clinically dead. Then later report verbatim; seeing, listening and hearing people thoughts.  Some cases people connect with deceased relatives and getting information impossible to have been obtained through other means.

It’s not rare to find NDE reports of people finding that they have traversed to another dimension. This dimension is said to be full of love and light. People are said to meeting with familiar beings of light. A grand welcoming occurs. The individuals claim to connect to loving light being as perceived religious icons without prejudice.

During the NDE people do consistently report meeting God, and also Jesus; having a deep lasing connection with them, claiming that they are still closely connected. John Burke’s book Imagine Heaven reflects how parts of scripture are intimately connected to NDE.

My research has led me to the option that there is an underlying force of all things. To westerners, we call it God. It seems that this force is responsible for all thing created. This creation is in a an ever expanse, it expands life and create opportunity for existence in the physical plane. During the NDE deeper experience it is said that everything is made of a loving energy, that is alive and conscious. The omni present creative life giving force is God, infinity, love. All one in the same.

The intention of the book was to establish a connection between NDE and spiritually transformative experiences. Reincarnation was not a focus. But, it continued to come up in the research. So obviously it couldn’t be ignored. In some cases a person will have a spiritually transformation experience or NDE and come out of it remembering past lives. There are other areas of metaphysics that point to this idea. The Buddhists believe the Dalai Lama is a continuance of the same soul.

Ian Stevenson has stacked up the evidence in his book Children Who Remember Previous Lives. Children describing places and people never met, but somehow knew details. I read about a child in India that remembered his previous name, town, talked about drinking and cigars… This child was so insistent, that an attorney friend of the family did some research discovered a man has died at an early age of that name, in the town that child had referred to. Because of this astonishing discovery someone financed the trip for the boy to travel there to meet these people. The boy met mother on the man who had died. When he arrived, he was explaining; in children’s style, he accident uncovered infidelity while explaining how he knew everyone. What I found personally interesting, is how child become closer to previous mother than his birth mother, and she was jealous, understandably. Anyone who is skeptical I suggest looking at Stevens work, its very compelling.

The underlining force of all things; god/infinity/love, is the catalyst that we manifest into this existence. We are floating down the river, its currents changing with time, it’s our choice; swim, float or sink. Every life has an opportunity to focus and work towards betterment, go with the grain of our biological DNA existence.

There is evidence that we’re being helped us to decide where we jump in the river, rapids or beaches. We co-choose where we come in, our situation, parents, social environment. We manifest though a meeting our future parents telepathy as subconscious level, prior to conception. These is evidence that baby souls will hover around parents, or specific parent waiting; cupid, cherubs…

Some of the more interesting spiritual transformative phenomena I researched there were cases heavenly memories people recall, souls consoling with angels about were to incarnate. It seems we are co-creators of our existence and what happens moments before we jump into the river of life; this being a reoccurring message from people remembering that moment. Souls want to try their hardest to remember “the place of love and light they come from,” as their leaving higher dimensional plane of existence, in heaven. This thought is happening moments prior to conception, not just remembering the place, but “more importantly spread that light and love while here” in the physical. I personally think we all that thought moments before coming here, too bad most of us forget. I seems we come here to spread love and light. But determining if it was for growth or just experience I have not personally nailed down. But some of the material I came across seem to point towards the idea that if you treat people right, contribute to society don’t misuse or cause distress that you have better choices of where to reincarnate.

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